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Poor Performance

The horse is holistically examined in its natural environment, during and post exercise. Blood tests and other diagnostic methods might be preformed. The aim is to identify and treat horse ailments that hamper obtaining its optimal athletic performance either as racer, polo pony, jumper or in dressage.


Treatment is formulated based on medical and psychological / emotional diagnosis and may include medication, acupuncture, herbal remedies, cupping, electromagnetic therapy or others.


It is widely reported that lameness and respiratory dysfunctions are the main cause of poor performance of equine athlete. Yes, they are are common causes, However, there are also multitude of other causes, very often subclinical such as:

  • back pain, neck pain, feet discomfort, tendon and ligaments pain
  • inadequate shoeing, heavy shoes, wrong breaking shoe point
  • indigestion and malabsorption, nutritional imbalance
  • reluctance to engage in certain movements
  • subclinical “tying-up” syndrome
  • respiratory deficiencies or “asthma”
  • overtraining or exhaustion
    …. to name a few.